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Rock Hall this morning

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My friend,his son and I started fishing around 630a. We stopped around 11a got way too hot. We wound up almost filling a cooler with white perch. My friend threw back 2 short stripers and we all threw back many perch. Now here is the real good news a lady fishing near us caught a spot. I saw a very croaker come up in the middle of a school of minnows wasn't a striper no stripes on it wasn't a blue cuz didn't have a long straight build. My friend saw a nice blue come out the water near him. Oh forgot to mention we caught around 5 triple headers of white perch today.
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Hueski if you look on Google maps or Google earth you will see a wildlife refuge just south of Rock Hall that's where we were it's all public
Pretty cool place on Eastern shore.

The guy who lives right next to the bridge rents 14' rowboats for $30 a day also.

Will be checking it out in the fall with my 30lb Minkota electric motor to fish the Chester River side for Rock and Bluefish.
Question for CYT have you Ever fished from the small pier at the very end of the road? Just wondering if anything hangs there water depth looks very flat with no structure besides the few pilings on the right?
No I haven' Pajiggin. You mean by the the boat launch area down that side road south of the bridge? Water looks pretty shallow for only white perch and catfish which I don't ever target.

Hueski, I'll let you know in the early fall if your interested. Will be be chunkin fresh bunker and fishing artificial's, swim baits, topwater and such.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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