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Rock Hall this morning

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My friend,his son and I started fishing around 630a. We stopped around 11a got way too hot. We wound up almost filling a cooler with white perch. My friend threw back 2 short stripers and we all threw back many perch. Now here is the real good news a lady fishing near us caught a spot. I saw a very croaker come up in the middle of a school of minnows wasn't a striper no stripes on it wasn't a blue cuz didn't have a long straight build. My friend saw a nice blue come out the water near him. Oh forgot to mention we caught around 5 triple headers of white perch today.
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WTG! You had a good day. Now you have a lot of perch cleaning to do.
You got it going my friend. Good for you. Took my friend crappie fishing this morning for about 2 1/2 hrs. Did pretty good. TOO HOT!!
If you guys wade the shore on Eastern Neck Island, you just might find the shallow rock piles. You probably won't, but if you do. Cast one of these over the rock piles for rock fish. I did it for 25-30 years. Chug it, make it spit water. If you know what I mean.
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WTG but be careful with posting a pic of a triple header. 3 hooks is illegal in Maryland waters.;)
Thanks catman, all these years fishing and I didn't know that. I would never fish that way, but I didn't know it was illegal.
Go on the Island. get in the water. Wade and find the shallow rock piles, or the grass flats if the grass is still there. Surface lures or plastic shad type lures on a jig head. Believe it or not. :)
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