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ROCK Fishing

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Ok All.... So I see that Peelers appear to be really GOOD Rock fish bait. How about the rig though? Currently I have been using bottom rigs, like a two way bottom rig (croaker rig) or a sliding weight bottom rig. Do rocks usually prowl the bottoms or are they more mid-water swimmers? If midwater, would a bluefish rig be better than a bottom rig?
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Some of us were using the hi/low rig and I was using a single hook rig that I made up,it's like the hi/low but with out the low and the weight was on the river bottom,so I guess it was midwater but I'v caught Rock on a fish finder rig at the Tank on peeler/live bait like perch.:D
Yeah surfman I usually use a fish finder rig or even 3 way rig when usin crabs whole but when in qtrs(larger blue crabs) I use Hi/Lo rig
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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