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posted on 7-Jun-2003 1:17:22 PM

Hey folks, I'm ringing in a day late with this one, but what can you do? Gave the pier a try yesterday after getting out of work a little early. Managed to be on the pier and fishing at about 3:30pm and fished until about 7:30pm. The wind was out of the E to ESE and the water was kind of dirty. LOTS of grass!! My intentions were to sling a Gotcha for some Spanish, but conditions being what they were, I just fished for Flounder instead. Fished at the head of the pier in about 7 ft. of water and caught 14 or so Flounder all of which were between 12" and 16"...... I also fooled a few 15" Grey's and a Sea Mullet or 2 using the 3-way rig with chartreuse bucktail and red beaded trailer. Conditions and the fishing itself were reportedly better in the AM. I did see a fair number of fish caught including the above mentioned and some Blues, Croaker, Spot, Pigfish, Threadfin, and a small Black Drum. No word on the Cobia. Anyway, I'll give it another go late tonight and in the early AM.... Fish On

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