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Well, it was a cold... no, that's not the way I should start this post. 2 boats, were chartered for TidalFish.com and a charity they were raising money for. They visited the wrecks and were out for Tautog and seabass... which knocked our boat out for seabass. Last report from our skipper said they didn't do well, 1 Tautog and 3 sharks.

There were only about 25 on the boat, which was nice. Some opted for the other chartered pair. Anyway, we left at 8:10am, and around noon was our first Mack. A school (probably 30) pulled in within 20 minutes. For the next 3 hours, we caught Macks and Herring here n there, nothing with any size to it. Then nothing for the last 3 stops (around 3:30 on).

Can't say it was my BEST trip out there, but I am warming up some oil in the kitchen :eek:)

THE Fishing Squid
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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