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Took my kids camping at PLO. Escape for few hours each morning while they were still asleep.
First day: 1 Seatrout 14 1/2”, 3 blue fish about the same size
Second day: 3 bluefish, that’s it. Lots of sting rays. This 3 blue fish regulation is bs. You can limit pretty quick.
All and all great trip with family. Fishing wasn’t great but I can’t complain.
Damn, probably good I haven't caught any blues the few times I've been fishing this summer. I didn't read the creel limit of 3 now! Mostly been at North Beach, and went to Shadyside to a private pier yesterday, but nada except spot, one tb flounder, and I may have had a rock on my line, but got off midway, so didn't get to see what it was.
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