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renting small boats

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Sorry, lookin to break away from the shore for a day. Where are some places to rent cheap boats and what are the prices? I've been to fletchers. I've heard PLO has them. Where else on the middle/upper bay area. And what about Ocean City?
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wye landing
some sweet fishing in the channel edges in the main river, i dont no the prices but there not much
wheres that? New around here. Any contact info?
SPSP has boats for rent for fishing the bay.

Do you have access to a military base (Base decal/ID card)? If so, there are quite a bit of bases that have boat rentals - Naval Station Annapolis, NAS Pax River...
Where on SPSP can you rent boats. I have only fished there a couple of times and I did Ok. I wouldn't mind a boat ride from there, do they have head/charter boats in that area?

No head or charter boats...just small boats with an outboard that you can rent to take out into the bay. If you fish SPSP, you will see them out in the bay sometimes - they are BRIGHT yellow.

The marina office is located near the boat launching ramps. Take your first paved road on your right after the toll plaza and it will lead you to the office for rentals.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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