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released fish mortality

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Interesting read about the effect of removing fish to be released from the water.
this was posted in the coastal fisherman in oc md by Capt Mark Sampson.
I posted a link cause i didnt want to copy and paste someone elses work.
if the link police have a problem with that live with it.

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I absolutely agree about hot water and survival. As stated probably more of an issue inshore. Also, in warm water leave the ultralight stuff at home. The sooner caught and released the better chance for survival. I was shocked some years back when IGFA added all the light line classifications. best - glenn
andypat, I agree 100%. Here in NC some people catch 11 / 12 in trout almost every cast and brag about catching 60 / 70 fish. THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT!! Lips and jaws torn loose, ripped mouths, etc. Do lips, jaws, mouth tears grow back? I do not know. Brag about nice trout, not "hammer handles". Hope this freeze does here in NC does not do too much damage to the population. thanks - glenn
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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