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released fish mortality

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Interesting read about the effect of removing fish to be released from the water.
this was posted in the coastal fisherman in oc md by Capt Mark Sampson.
I posted a link cause i didnt want to copy and paste someone elses work.
if the link police have a problem with that live with it.

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One major factor left out of this article: water temperature. Mortality when temperatures are low is near 0%, since colder water holds more dissolved oxygen. But doing C&R when water is really warm leads to high mortality, since the fish is already having a hard time getting enough oxygen before it was hooked, fought, and then pulled out of the water. I've watched half the puppy drum I caught go belly up during a really bad heat wave, while catching stripers on a cold March day saw every single fish take off like a bat out of hell when unhooked.

Get 'em back quickly in every case, but if it's hot keep release times to under 30 seconds.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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