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Looking for a reel to match an Ocean Master 12 ft conventional 6-12 oz. I have a 6500 Blue Yonder on a CCP rod and I could use it on the new rod if need be but wanted something different.

I intend to use in both fresh and salt. In freshwater I would use on a couple of tailraces for stripers and catfish and in a lake for a big cat outfit. I realize I would likely have to change out lines from surf rod to freshwater cat/striper rod but I am OK with that

Mainly I will use as a surf rod so looking for a reel that would work best for surf. Using heavier baits I assume I will not cast further than 50-70 yards so not concerned with a distance reel necessarily.

Seems the market for fishing equipment has changed quite a bit over the past few years and wanted to see some suggestions for a new reel , or new to me-definitely not opposed to a used reel.


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Penn Squall 15, Penn fathom 15, Penn 525mag

SL20SH, SL30SH, BG20,BG30

All of these are priced below 169.00 at retail
The Daiwas as well as the Penn Fathom use a centrifical braking system.

The two remaining Penns use a magnetic braking system.


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I have the same rod and have a Shimano Culcutta BSV on it. It has centrifugal brakes.
I throw 15 or 17 lb test with a 50 pound shock leader. The rod is not as sensitive as some of my others, but it did land me a citation drum this year:)
More of a 'spike it and wait for the clicker' setup.
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