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reducing rig losses

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I was reading a thread about Seagull pier and the amount of hang-ups you recieve when using this pier. I learned a small trick that saves me more hooks and bottom rigs now. I have asked alot of questions and tried alot of techniques. This is what I have learned. Most snags are when the sinker gets lodged in the rock beds. The hooks are held somewhat above the rocks due to the tension from the line to rod. What I usually do is tie a short piece of 10lb test line to my sinker and attach that to the bottom rig. If the sinker gets lodged in the rocks I only lose the sinker. However there will be times that a hook also gets lodged in the rocks. But the hook will usually straighten out once you release the rig from the sinker.

Hope this helps some of you save a buck or 2. If so I dont mind if you send them to me. ha ha
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That's a tip used a lot on boats. Just remember not to try and cast very far, underhand is best with this when using heavier sinkers. Don't want to put someone's eye out. :(
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