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Recreational fishermen screwed again.

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Just read on web site Island Breeze , Hatteras , NOAA Fisheries just released time slot rec. fishermen can fish for red snapper. Rec fishermen can only fish for red snapper the 10 th July and 11 th. Two whole days . Can only keep one fish . Commercial fishermen can fish from july 11 th through Jan. 01 2023. Roughly 5 1/2 months. Can keep like 24000 fish. Are you pissed yet ?
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That sounds about right as usual. Blame everything on the Rec fisherman and limit their time and limit while commercial rape the hell out of everything. Just like flounder and everything else.
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Yea thanks to commercial over fishing and the padded pockets that makes the rules. Oh, and I have been catching nice big elusive extinct flounder. Of course I can’t keep them unlike commercial that are allowed to net all sizes.
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