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Record catches at the recent tourny !

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Anybody got the scoop on the results / catches from the OBX Surf tourny Thur. and Fri. ?
I hear there were records set ! :rolleyes:
I saw the north end at 23 close on Friday.
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i too was in the tourney. i could show you the rules but not sure how to scan and post.
we finished 12th and took the last session with 53 points. if not for that session we were doing terrible with only a couple fish per session.
scoring is based on a ;legal size fish with 11" the smallest that scores. 11" to 20" is 1 point per inch. over 20" is 3 points per inch over 20" so a 23" fish would be 10 points to 20 and 9 points for the 3" over 20 so a 23 inch fish is 19 points.
hope this helps
Thanks and your welcome. that typo was corrected at the captains meeting the night before tournament. Anglers club does a great job of running a tournament that big.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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