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For those who weren't there, the young man gave a short put pointed comment regarding the economic fall out of beach closures--including the likelyhood that his parents would not be able to afford college. He further pointed out that the governmental policy of "no child left behind" would suffer as at least 3/4 of his classmates would be left behind. After handing over printed copies of his comments and some sort of picture I couldn't see. He looked right at Rylander and said,

I want to go to college and if I can't go to college because you closed our beaches (pause looking for words), well just watch out!

This is what Rylander was responding to when he said just keep up the good work and get good grades and you will get to college.

The student did a good job and I don't expect a 6th grader to be that quick on his feet but wouldn't it have been great if he had asked Rylander if he was going to pay the college tuition? Greater yet if this sharp student had done it himself.

As a follow up during the comittee comments Warren Judge stated that the attendance has been great, that the comittee needs to be able to put a face to their constituency and that we should keep coming--bring 4 new people each time--and keep making comments. Mr. Judge addressed the student and thanked him for coming and encouraged him to ask his classmates to come as well, in fact, how about the whole high school. He told the young man if they couldn't get permission for time off, the students should call his office and he would take care of it.

Mr. Judge said don't worry about space or the time needed to take comments, the comittee is willing to work through the night to make time for comments.
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