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The "Skate" problem...

Yep, for whatever reason people in the Chesapeake want to call Rays "Skates." It's pretty obviously wrong by any definition.

I've actually never seen or caught a skate in the Chesapeake.

I've caught or snagged probably hundreds in Delaware Bay.

Clear-Nosed Skates are small and brown, and don't fight at all. Are up in the shallows during colder weather, but they're a nuisance year round, especially drifting for flounder, if the drift isn't fast enough.

Oddly, despite fishing the Choptank Bridge pier 2-3 times in the Spring, and about once a week from September through the close of the Rockfish season, I've never caught, much less seen, a Cow-nosed ray in the Chesapeake.

Must be because I avoid Chesapeake summer fishing for the most part.
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