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Rays and Skates

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Im always reading posts about people catching skate but then I hear the same animal being called a ray. Which is correct? I have done some searching and here is what I found.

This link will take you to an article that will explain the difference.


I was going to cut and paste the article but it was long and i didnt want to get in trouble for copyright issues.

Just tell me what you think...........Tight Lines

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Most of the time people are catching rays, mainly cownose rays as the one pictured in the article. People often call the cow nose ray a skate, and this is wrong. Good find on the article, and I agree with the methods of differentiating a ray from a skate.

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The "Skate" problem...

Yep, for whatever reason people in the Chesapeake want to call Rays "Skates." It's pretty obviously wrong by any definition.

I've actually never seen or caught a skate in the Chesapeake.

I've caught or snagged probably hundreds in Delaware Bay.

Clear-Nosed Skates are small and brown, and don't fight at all. Are up in the shallows during colder weather, but they're a nuisance year round, especially drifting for flounder, if the drift isn't fast enough.

Oddly, despite fishing the Choptank Bridge pier 2-3 times in the Spring, and about once a week from September through the close of the Rockfish season, I've never caught, much less seen, a Cow-nosed ray in the Chesapeake.

Must be because I avoid Chesapeake summer fishing for the most part.
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John...There are plenty of cow nose ray at the Tank. If you want to target them use peelers or soft crab. There have been days when I've seen 5 or 6 caught (hooked) and that's just around the section of pier where I'm fishing. Actually just about everytime I've fished the Tank there have been ray hooked or caught. Most are too big to get into a drop net and those that will fit it's hard keeping them on the surface long enough to get a net under them.


Jigmaker... Use Google and type in "Skate and ray cooking". There's a bucnch of info on preparing and cooking them.

Yeah we know about the cow nose rays right catman;)
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