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This is the very hard to find PENN 545 "Mag" factory magged by Penn.

This is a solid made strong reel, casts like a champ without birds nests and has the power to crank back in a truck tire. Holds way over 400 yards of heavy mono...

It is used but pampered... I dont have the big fish or big water here to fully use the reel. It spent most of its time being polished sitting on my mantle. I would rate it in very good condition.

Im gonna let it go for $150 plus 10 dollars shipping... firm

pay pal only please.. allow 3 weeks for delivery. Will ship registered air mail.

these reels last forever and you can find parts readily. Great for 8 and bait in big water or when distance is needed and big fish expected. Also doubles as a great pier and boat reel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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