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Rain and Fish

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In your experience(s), do fish tend to bite more often when its raining? I've had soaking fishless rain-drenched days as well as some awesome fishing in the rain...

Any thoughts? Is there a science to this beyond individual superstitions? (and leaving aside the more simplistic explanations such as "fish don't bite in muddy waters...etc.")
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Well I know there is much more study on this in freshwater fishing. And I myself have done better freshwater before and during the storm than after. I know with all the rain it has affected the salinity of the water. So I think with some species you might catch less but others not. Just remember they are already wet, we are the dummies that were dry but getting wet.;)
fish don't seem to mind the rain. last week as it was raining we got into blues. i caught about 25 or so, releases all. this 76 year old fool got a wet butt. i had fun though.:cool: :cool:
yep i hate to say so to but the fish are already wet weve been catching coolers full of croakers :D now just waiting on the spots to make a good run :)
When I used to do a lot of catfishing my best nights were during a good rain. The one and only time I limited out on croakers at the Tank was when it was raining. This spring both my brother and myself limited out on sea bass while it was raining. I do a lot of smallmouth bass fishing and the best time is during and right after it rains. Rain works for me.:D

I have done well fishing in the rain at spots that are usually very crowded and heavily pressured. The rain keeps other anglers at home. My bait is the only bait the fish sees. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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