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Questions about puppy drum and rigs?

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I'm not sure what the official name is for this rig...or if it even has one...but I have seen pictures of it while researching rigs on the web. It comes in a few different variations, but basically it just looks like a cannonball/fish finder rig, but with an extra dropper loop and hook positioned about 15-30 inches above the cannonball/ff rig. So it seems like a hybrid between a FF and a high/low rig.

Would this be a good rig for puppy drum in the surf?

I've noticed that a lot of folks use very heavy leaders (up to 80 or 100 lb test) for their drum rigs. But for rigs being tied to specifically target pups/slot sized is it OK to scale back to 20 lb fluorocarbon?

Is a puppy drum and a slot drum the same thing? I hear these terms used a lot...
some folks seem to use them interchangeably...but others seem to imply that a slot is larger than a pup??

Thank you!
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I use a 2 hook Hi lo rig (either river rig style or dropper loop style) tied with 60lb mono on a smaller rod and a fishfinder tied with 60lb mono on my bigger rod. 6/0 hooks for filets on the Hi/lo. 8/0 or bigger for fish heads on the fishfinder.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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