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Questions about July tourn. in Crisfield

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I'm planning on coming to Crisfield in July for my first sportcast tournament...

I need ideas for clean cost-effective lodging...

also, i'm looking to be gone from home the minimum number of nights... could someone give me an idea how long the drive would be from Charlotte, NC?

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Thumb there are only 3 hotels in town that i know , Somers Cove and Paddlewheel ,forget the other one but if you do a Crisfield serch it should show up
If you don't stay in Crisfield. There are two in Princess Anne and three in Pocomoke. Both towns are within a 30 minute drive. Somerset County has a website (don't know exact configuration). You can get it on your search engine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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