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Question on Fish

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I've been a follower on this board for a while and finally made the leap to register so I can contribute a bit. I hate to start with a question, but I caught a bunch of these fish in a Pasadena pond last fall and pulled a few out this spring. It looks to be some sort of shad, but I can't get a good answer. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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Some folks also call them a Gold Roach, but they're a shiner. If you fish for bass they're an excellent bait, but don't stay alive very long in a minnow bucket.

In FL they use big Silver Shiners under a balloon for big bass. The balloon usually will break so there's not a lot of resistance from it when fighting a fish. There used to a pond near Perryville, MD that was full of those gold shiners & bass & catfish too, but I think it's been filled in. My one brother & I used to go up there & camp & fish. We caught some nice bass & huge catfish in that pond on those shiners. :D
Andy, I had worked up in that area a lot at one time. I worked for a road paving contractor & we had a blacktop plant in NE at the quarry just off of I-95. I've fished all over Cecil Co & at the old Arundel pier many times. Last time I was up there it's now condominiums on that property. NE has changed a lot since those days. :fishing:
Gnatman, you're talking on the Susky! I've fished there as well. Yep, things do change a lot. I spent a lot of afternoons & evenings after work fishing both sides of the Susky when I was working up that way.

I remember when Wiley's was still operating. The tubes for the Ft McHenry tunnel were built there. I was working in NE at the time as we had several paving jobs up there. The state highway inspectors at our blacktop plant were also doing some of the inspecting at Wileys when they were pouring concrete in those tubes. The concrete was trucked there from Davis Concrete in Aberdeen. Dang that doesn't seem like it was all that long ago. I had fished up there since I was old enough to drive. My dad worked in paving too & I spent a lot of time with him up there. He showed me many places to fish. Some of my best fishing days were up there. :D

Memories! :fishing:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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