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I plan on building on a CCP 13' 3-6oz blank and have a couple questions for the rod builders here.

I will be pairing this with an AVET SX and was wondering if anyone has a preferred guide train and layout setup?

I was planning on using the following sizes

20-16-12-and 10's to the tip. I will be using 20lb braid for the running line and 50lb braid for a shock leader if needed.

Is there a general guide distance from the reel to the first guide that works best?

Is there any info on the handle length and guide placement on the factory rods that i can use as a baseline to build off'?

Thanks for any info you can provide :beer:

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Here are the factory spacings for the 13' 3-6oz Casting,

TIP Ring-12/Tube-8
Guides 30 25 20 16 12 12 12 12 - FUJI Alconite
Spacing 21" 17" 13" 9" 6" 5" 4.5" 4"

The reel seat is set at 29.5" from butt to seat center.

Hope this helps

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