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Purdue Peelers

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Anyone having luck with this bait?
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It's the only bait I use for trout.;)

Thanx catman.
Maybe that's why catman never catches any trout!!
Hey Jake, you promised you wouldn't tell anyone.

Greetings catman!

I've "heard" that trout are kind of scarce around the Chesapeake this year (at least so far.) Looks like NJ is in for another lean year, too, although some true "tiderunners" have been caught. Hopefully the fisheries people will come up with a plan to better protect this impotant species.

We'll put those "peelers" to the test on the Choptank this Fall (if the weakies show up!) I've seen a lot of nice weaks caught on fresh cut spot there, but if the "peelers" work, great! I've found the "perdue peelers" to work better in the Spring. I took some out on a charter June 2002 and Capt Dave wouldn't go near them. The croakers loved them, but we didn't get a chance to try them for trout. Maybe this August (if they're not "banned"...)
Greetings jkbraid!

"Purdue Peelers" are thin strips of raw boneless chicken breast soaked in "shedder oil." The shedder oil is available at most B&Ts. Marinate the slices in the shedder oil for 24 hours in the fridge (don't let the wife know!) Keep the "peelers" in a cooler, they turn rancid rather quickly on a hot day/night. The odor has been labeled everything from "interesting" to "gut wrenching." Capt Dave labeled the secret bait "tampon oil" and would have nothing to do with it. His loss.....
Jake...Would that be Capt. Dave Wright out of VA? If that's him we go back a long way, all the way to the late 60's. As far as Purdue Peelers are concerned it think I've caught as many fish on plain chicken strips. It's always nice to think you're doing something majic with the shedder oil but I think it works as well without. BTW, I just read a report on the TidalFish forum about a trout being caught at the Bay Bridge by Annapolis. Where there's one I'd think there would be more. Me and FL FISHERMAN will find out Saturday morning. He'll be the 1st. P&S guy on my boat.

Greetings catman!

No, we fish with Capt Dave Schauber out of Church Creek, MD (Hooper Island.) The dock is at the mouth of the Honga River. See you in September!
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