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If the drive isn't too far for you my advice is to get there sometime before this week is out. The whole pier has been lighting up for a week now with horse croaker.

I was there on tax night and saw a guy pull and keep a 30" rock :rolleyes:. I pulled and released a half dozen rat stripers 10-20" and about 15 croaker from 12-20"

Bloodworms will get you action with croaker and striper. The croaker were hitting the end of the pier early on squid and switched to bloodworms and squid on the side and ends later in the evening.

People fishing the middle of the end of the pier and the right hand corner were doing the best. The rock was caught from the left corner. Yours truly was on the left side near the end. Fishing was pretty consistent throughout the incoming tide.

You don't need anything bigger than 7" if you can chuck it a hundred feet or so. I don't think that much hits during the day so make it an evening trip.

vaya con dios mein freunds
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