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Pt LO vs Soloman's

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I'm leaving the related thread allone 'cause I've, you have, made up my mind.
I'm staying put in the Soloman's area Sunday to fish and will only have that day to fish. So, do I fish a pier at Soloman's or drive half an hour to Pt LO?
Is PLO primarily surf/ jetty or pier fishing?
I'm not particular about what I'm catching but a constant bite from anything other than spot and croaker would be a good time.
Recomendations on location and tactics please Guys.
Thanks again.
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Kayode, PLO is all three plus more. You forgot the Causeway. Anyway, I tried all and they're all productive. The last time I was there was mostly Croakers and a striper. So, I figure spot, croaker are there but I heard Blues are there now. The nighttime is best and is pretty copnsistant. The location is pretty much the same for me, just a personal preference.
If I were that close to PLSP,I would go to the park and if I were to go I would get there early(before sunrise) and yes there's a pier(710ft) and I would catch some spot for cut bait,the blues are running.If you can try and get the left side of the pier all the way to the end,you should throw out towards the left but NOT straight out in front of you or a little to the right,there's a cable that will break your line if you should reel in,STAY TO THE LEFT. You might even catch a Rock using bloods and there is croaker.:) TRIGGER
Triggerfish...you forgot to tell him hoe hard is to have corner to yourself...Even you have the roght corner it is real hard to protect your fishing sopt form pier raiders....add to that..some will camp out there in coner for days...... I'll say if you are rookie at PLO stick with causeway...little less fish but so does the crowd...;)
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