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Primo Synro Tournament Rods for sale??

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Anyone have a new or used primo Syncro Tournament rod for sale?? Or know of anyone that has the best deal on one? Thanx
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All my rods are zzippys, and do not think that you will find a bargain so to speak.
Terry makes the finest rods in the world bar none. If you are looking for a fishing rod, think that pushcart has a straight eight for sale. Just found a dream machine blank, that was never built into a rod and still paid 250 for the blank. Better chance to fine one in the Uk from one of the board sites, but then again you have to pay shipping. But that would be your best bet.
Neil , the most zzippys i see for sale are in the Sea Angler magazine in a Trading Post section . If you can get the magazine quickly from the uk and view the current offerings you may find a deal .However a lot of the salers don't want to deal with shipping especially overseas.Like Tom said there aren't any bargins for zziplex's they hold their value and few change hands once brought to the USA. :)
pushcart,if you have a straight 8 for sale,
let me know.how long is it?throw 5 ounces?
fish bucket, Jeff Brinn at Dogshark rods built my Straight 8 and did an excellent job.I have thrown down to 4 ozs. but use it primarily for 6 to 8.
Big Lou had a Straight 8 for sell at our Surf Fishing Expo in Florida last Saturday. I think he was asking $350 for it.

does anyone throw a spinner with a zippy?a
conventional takes soooo long to reel in when
distance fishing.
Fish bucket, I have a Straight 8 and 3500s set up with Fuji Lowriders so I can use spinners or conventional. With the Daiwa Emblem X5500A and 50 lb. Powerpro I can get close to the same distance I throw with my Penn 525 Mag.

thats the answer i was hoping to get.i throw a daiwa emblem with 20 lb.p/p and 50 lb. shocker on a 12'3" breakaway.in the 170-180
yard range.hoping to hit 200 yds.soon.thinking a zippie would put me over
my goal.
Drumchaser, I have a used Primo Syncro and a Straight Eight for sale.E-mail me for details or call 1-877-495-5969 or go to http://ronsutton.org
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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