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the weather was superb! What an adventure we had lol! So that day we were supposed to be going on a boat trip snorkeling kayake etc but the boat had engine troubles we rescheduled for 2 days later. We decide to hit the bait shop got live shrimp and a couple of rigs. were told to the Trumann annex was a good place to fish. I ask can we park there/( we have a bait bucket of water and really cant be walking miles) They told us yes so off we go. Well WHAT A FREEKEN MADHOUSE of people! cars all over people all over driving was impossible the only place available to park wanted $30 for 6 hours. So Hubby by this time is really stressing so I said get on 1 North lets get the hell off this island Im sure we can find a bridge somewhere, so off we went. after about 8 miles of driving we pull in to a local resturant and i ran in and asked where is a good place to fish? Well we lucked out happens that the waitress (go girl power) was a fisher and told us how to get to a quiet place that was never crowded. We caught those fish within the first 60 minutes, heck I didnt even have time to eat my lunch! anyway an awesome day fishing. We are def buying a camper and will be back!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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