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Anyone doing any casting? I had one rod out about 3 weeks ago but the tennis ball kept getting stuck in the snow or behind corn stalks, plus 2 sweatshirts, coveralls and gloves didn't make things any better but it still felt good having a surf rod in my hands. Spring is coming but the rental prices for the beach are out of control, frustrating!
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Chunking in the back yard, altered my mechanics a bit, and got 145 yds lased with 6.5 oz on geeks 6-16 build and dirty 525Mag. I could def tell speed fell off at the end. Still not bad. I haven't been in that reel since I bought it in 2002. Added a Torque handle and getting some hybrid 7's for it that should stretch a few more yards out of it after I polish the internals. The rod barley loads with 6 oz. It would easily throw 12, if all the bars were closed and I had to go fish 12 oz surf instead.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts