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Possibly best thing since monofilement?

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These look interesting, pricey, but interesting. If they work as touted- it would definately have my vote for best new product for '03.


Anybody seen or tried these yet? All I know is that they have gotten some pretty rave reviews from some field testers. Mostly raving that few to no lures were lost when snagged, and that no fish were lost. Only downside is that you have to be careful about matching up the tackle because the rings work based on your line # test, so if your line it lighter that the rating- you'll break before the rings open.

Anyways, I'll be looking to try these out.

Tight lines and blue skies,

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Would be a bummer to lose the fish of a lifetime after fish is wore out and draging it up on the beach or pier and have it give way.........AAAAahhhhhhhhh. :eek:
they claim that won't happen if you use your rod to drag, they say explicitly NOT to grab the line to land a fish.

i may give them a try for freshwater fishing here in michigan....
wonder how they would work in indian river inlet? i would have to see a demo before i would buy.:cool: :cool:
This is something I have to see first.
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