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I met Trevor aka HuskyMD around 3 PM at Buzzs and we were fishing by 3:45. Still tired from the weekend before, I planned to stay on the Western side all day. Also, since action doesn't get hot anymore until the late afternoon, we decided a late start would be fine.

Husky, like everyone else was really only interested in casting lures to fish under birds. So we trolled for the first couple of hours on principle. I'm a jerk like that. Actually, that's what you do- lite action troll
(muskie gear) til late afternoon and wait for the action to heat up. I got the second spoon out and Blam, the first rod goes off. Trevor works it in and it is a nice blue over 20". I was never able to get more than 2 lines out before a hit. It was very consistent. Trevor was getting wore out and made me start reeling them in. Trevor did an admiral job of driving while I set lines etc. Many times he handed the rod to me to finish the fight as it was one after another.

We were about 4 miles off PLO for about 2 hours trolling getting wore out. Then it was time to sprint up and down the coast for breaking fish. All we ever found were liar birds so not a fish landed on casted lures.

Still a productive day. Trevor is one of the coolest guys I've met through PandS.

We released way more than we kept. At the marina I just scaled and gutted the fish and split the loot. Filleted at home, I baked my fish with a topping of mayo, bread crumbs and chives. it was the bomb but very rich- you need to use lite mayo. Today at Safeway I saw in the seafood display blue fillets easily 30+ inches. Surely from the ocean but that is how it used to be around PLO.

thanks Husky. Tell Orest and Qball I'm not all that bad.

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Good report. So you wore him out catching blues? He used to fish SPSP in the Summer for those monster cownose rays! What has happened to him???
I'm getting old. All the long road trips and lack of sleep don't sound so fun anymore. I caught about 100 shad in a few hours on my kayak the other day here in town. No long trip required. As for Lipyourown, I have his old cell number somewhere. I should text him and see if it is still his number.
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