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Just got back from PLO. Always a pleasure to visit St Mary's County. I left at like 11, and there was little to no traffic. The roads were mine. Chose the entrance spot at the causeway, and started setting up.

I was expecting it to be dead since it was low tide, but my goodness was i bored. I almost fell asleep in my chair. Today was terrible fishing, i caught 6 puffer fish until high tide. Once i saw the beautiful sunset, and even after it went dark. I caught 1 dink croaker and continuous small baby whiting. Almost nothing bit on squid, and crabs or puffers kept taking it. The moment i casted, i would get a 1-2 combo of tugs. That meant all my bait was stolen. At a certain point i gave up, since i was so done with baiting, recasting and retrieving. I cut up one of the whiting and decided i would hope for blues, i caught 2 skates, not cownose. The 1st almost took my rod, and it was heavyyyyy. The 2nd one was about half the size. So i came home empty handed. The sky was clear and the stars were bright, i saw the tiny red moon rise from the horizon and then i packed my stuff and left at like 12:30am.

The causeway was practically empty, not much going on at PLO. A few guys stopped their car on the way out and asked me if i got anything, their response to mine,"Man, today is horrible". So i assumed they didn't catch jack either.

A neighboring fishermen caught a couple of baby black drum, and a croaker. Same as me with the whiting but he caught 2 ginormous eels. I used BW and squid, he used only shrimp.

PLO is trash right now, Just trash fish. puffers and puffers and baby everything. Annoying whiting and crabs are running thick, the squad is strong. Even at the tackle box, the locals all went to buy crabbing gear. The locals know whats up, and they are all going crabbing not fishing. No decent sized croakers, no blues, no nothing. Talked to some other fishermen who were venturous and very tenacious, they would fish the causeway, then pier than lighthouse and go jigging and then circulate that shit. And still nothing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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