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Plenty of Croakers

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It took me the better part of a week, but I finally found the right pier at the right time to pull up a load of croakers. Sandbridge pier on the incoming tide today was jumping, mostly small but a few very nice ones. Also caught what I am told is a "Roundhead"...
Thanks to the guys on the pier that helped this west coast guy identify and catch a bunch.
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You the Navy guy from San Diego I met last weekend?
4drum: No, I'm ex-army down from Alaska. I always feel like a dork not knowing the species and techniques, but you gotta learn somewhere.
Alaska I was on the pier Wednesday afternoon and did real well with the croaks.

It was nice meeting some of the board members (8nbait & New York) and putting faces with names.

My Daughter and her husband (Navy) are in Chesapeake, where is the pier you refer to?? Would like to wet a line when I visit them every couple of weeks or so...thanks..
I'm new to the area and got the directions on Yahoo Maps. It's Sandbridge Park at
3820 Sandpiper Rd in VA Beach. Nice place, convenient, free, and they're even building a new restroom facility.
Hey Fisherman, I was on the south side about halfway, on the side bench. I really should be more social on the pier as it seems a lot of the board members are there alot. This is my kind of fishing community.
Only free until 31 March. They close for 2 weeks for cleaning/maintenance then reopen on 15 April and it costs $3.
Three bucks doesn't seem too bad, but then I've no info on these pay piers. What would be a usual going rate? Do they usually charge by the person or rod?
You pay by the person, and 3 bucks is cheap compared to the other local piers. You must also pay a buck for parking, but it is still cheaper. $4 has you Experiencing the Fun at Sandbridge. :D
Good to know, guess I better start digging in the couch cushions. Thanks for the heads-up.
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