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please help a midwestern boy

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hi all,

i found this board the other day and enjoyed reading here. maybe someone can offer some tips, i am taking the family to myrtle beach in mid june and want to do some fishing. i have extensive freshwater experience bot little in salt water(a few trips on head boats).

i would like to fish from the beach, and i know there are a couple of piers there. any help would be great. it would be fine with me to be able to sit on the beach and catch some dinner, and i don't mind driving a bit. i do prefer to fish early morning if that matters.

also if you know of a link that shows pics of common saltwater rigs that would help me a ton.

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Looks like that link died, so here's a few tips for you.

That's a triple-drop rig which is more hooks in the water than what I would like. What you have is heavy mono for the line in the rig, usually 100 lb test. Then a bottom swivel to connect your weight anywhere from 2 oz to 6 oz, depends on currents and wind. Top swivel connects to your line. You can clip on hooks to your swivels, larger or smaller in proportion to the size of fish you are targeting and bait you are using. Usually bottom rigs produce fish like whiting, croaker, sometime flounder, trout, or blues, and once in awhile, a shark.

thanks for the link, it looks like those sell for $15, i think i can make a few just like it for that amount. i am planning on heading over to cabela's in dundee michigan next week so i'll look those over and buy some components. i'll go with two hooks per. you answered another question for me that came up since i posted this morning which is how much weight will i need.

also from what i gathered today i think that i will be needing hooks in size 4 up to 2/0 for the fish you mentioned, can i snell them with the same line i will be using for my running line, ie 20 lb?

thanks a bunch
wow i looked at that link for cabela's again and those rigs are 25 for $15, so i guess that's a much better deal than it appeared at first, oops...
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