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As we have Matty coming up the coast... :eek:
BE AWARE.. AFTER Matt moves East & North, behind it, The Wind & Rain Shield,, interacting with the coming Cold Front...
The wind gradient, (BEHIND THIS STORM),, low level steep lapse rate is forecasted to Occur , A wake low type event on the backside of the rain shield and the model showed gust(s) of 50-60+ 70+ mph from I-95 east in SC/NC much later tonight like 6-12pm....even RDU area had gusts forecasted to 50+....they showed a map with the temp gradient and how it was warmer west and east of the area and how it slowly moved east...

This is the HRRR 10 M wind gust maps a little bigger for you guys this is the current run and these values are for 6-10 hrs from now as the center is moving out to the east....this is in knts so the folks in NE SC/SENC would be getting hammered if this is right....its for about 6 hrs from now..
Saturated Ground Coupled with these High Forecasted Winds! Will mean NUMERIOUS Trees coming down!
We are looking at 50/60 & 70+ MPH Winds If this comes to pass.. STAY SAFE! :eek:
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