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Playalinda beach

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We did the incomoing tide yesterday. We got to the beach around low tide and fished to almost high. Fishing was real slow, caught a few nice blues, but no whiting or pomps. ended up having a sand spike tip over and dumping my tidewater 30la in the surf.......^&%^%#$. I guess it worked out no fish to clean so spent 2 hrs tearing the reel apart and reasembling. Hope every body else had better luck than me. going to try again this afternoon, maybe a little better luck. Tight lines all
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Did you ever get a eye ball on it :confused:
I no it's bad enough when the line break's , but when you can't see what it might have been that is the pit's for sure. :(
They just love those head's don't they. :)
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