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Hit the beach for a few hours this afternoon. I got there about 2 (a hour before hightide) and fished till 5. NO real steller catches. I got a few small whiting one of witch I filleted and but on a 7/0 hook looking for some shark. No shark but did get it all chewed up from blues. I tried to set another pole with a 5/0 for blues but would only hit the BIG chunk-----strange. any how i did manage to hook one nice 17 incher then caught a 15 incher on a clam fishbite----strange. Other than that not to much action. I see lots of what I beleive to be King Mackeral leaping about 400 yds offshore, that was fun to see, was wishing I had my boat out. Always at the wrong spot at the wrong time lol. tight lines everyone. :D
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