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Got to #11 at about 10:00 am, on the incoming tide.

Folks next door to me were pulling in fish from the soup. I caught my 1 obligatory bait fish on my last piece of shrimp, so hey, I'm a happy camper.

Brought S.W.M.B.O and the grand-daughter with me. The G.D. did a little "fishing" too with my light rig. (she's 5 and hasn't quiet yet developed the fisherman's sense of patience yet)

Also managed to get my leg and arm workout in, dragging my gear (along with chairs, umbrellas, beach toys, the cooler, etc) on my hand truck. Boy was THAT a bite! Since the tide was about max, there really wasn't any hard-packed sand to speak of to make the trip easier down the beach.

I'm going to try the Cocoa pier next Thursday, since I'll be off.

Anybody have any tips on fishing it?

See ya at the beach!
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