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Took the stock handle stem/crank off the saltist 30h and replaced them with the Saltiga surf 30 handle. I can't believe how much more enjoyable the reel is already.
Old handle attached.


You'll have to remove these two screws out of the Daiwa plate on the handle.

You'll have two holes now.

Once the srews are removed, the top of the handle pops out of the lower part and another screw is revealed.

Remove this screw and the Knob comes apart from the handle and stem.

Place these parts on the new handle and stem and reverse. (There are two plastic spacers that need to stay in the knob. Make sure they are moved to the new handle).

Smothie drags are on the way; but they've been cleaned, lubed and greased and are better then new now.
(Inspired by Jeb and Ward)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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