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Past 2 Days being Kinda Hectic, I did Manage to get to the Beach "Yesterday" for about a hour, As High tide was rolling in.
Managed a Few (3) Nice Big Mullets, on SANDFLEAS, Right @ your feet. (We talked about that Subject some time back in a Prior Thread, some years back Folks )...
Got the chance to go out today, on the Pier, (Carolina Beach Northern ext), Got there about 7:30...
Lotsa Pogies running the beach & Finger Mullet(s).. 6" size..
Decided to put a King Rig Out.. Water Temp 68.80 Winds out of the ENE/Ne around 10~15...
Water was clear, (for river water)... Cleared up better around 1~2pm...
Caught a few Butter-bean sized Mullet's on the fallin & Rising, small croakers..
Reports are Larger Mullets @ night.. Small puffers.

The *DRUM BLITZ* is STILL going on.. Several Citation Fish caught today. Many, Many were lost, (failed to hook), as the size of the heads being used.. (Skipjack BLUES)Average Length is around 39~45 inches..
Had One KING knock My bait out & was a goner... Last chance of this year.. :fishing: Observed at least 3 "SKI" off the pier end about 100~150 yards out...
LOTS of BONITO in the water...
SMALL Puffers are Showing up..
Some small to at least keeper Flounders caught largest around 5 pounds... (2)
Today was just a "ME" Day, to collect My thoughts, etc, etc, etc.
As I said
Water Temp: 68.80
Air today: 75
ON a NE/ENE winds 10~15
Waves and Surf, ,,, FLAT to 3 ft'
Longshore current---> North to---> SOUTH...\
Sunny skies.
I SUGGEST, Get sandfleas & fish the surf for big whiting, On that Magical River rig.. A very good DISTINCT possibly of Getting a Citation Drum..:D
Haven't seen any TROUT to speak of, *YET*..

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During the Day.... All the Drums I've seen Caught,, though, Johnny Mercer's have been catching them @ night also...
I meant to say, the KINGERS have a SPEACIAL FALL TREAT, down this way.. We've haven't seen "Drum Biltzes" Like We've seen in the past 2 months.. EVA!!!
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