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First off, nice catch Ryan on the King this morning in the yak. Ill get off my lazy a$$ one day and go back down there. I just dont care for kings much.

Anyhow, Kyle and I went searching for bait this afternoon during the big blow. The North End of CB was getting loaded with weekend campers but I think they are in for a big surprise tonight as the wind and rains come down on them.
We got about 15 pounds of really nice cob mullet down deep.


For all of those wondering......

They're here......

The spots that is. The north end pier of CB was busy but I dont think the "Word" is quite out yet. We went up to take a look and have a laugh. (I say laugh it was more of a smile) They were catching them two at a time.

Oh yea, there is a ton of sargassum in the water as well.

And i'm outa here for a while, its time to drag a few up on the sand......
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