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Recently I have caught several fish from bridges that I was unable to pull up. I don't want a gaff since I release most of my catches. Most of the piers I fish from have a net available. However, for those times when one is not available, I would like to have one of my own. I have seen the large nets at BPS but I don't want to haul around something that bulky. I have found a collapsible net at popnetnets.com. It is 30" open, but will collapse down to 10" for storage (fits in a 10 gal bucket).

Does anyone have one of these? And can you give me the positive and negatives about it? Or, does anyone have an alternative?

Sorry, I haven't figured out how to make a link to the web site.

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Hey Tide,

I have a PopNet. I highly recommend it.

Pros: the price, for what you get; when you pull it up, it collapses the circle around the fish; easy to fold up (have to twist while folding it - has instructions); comes with a little vinyl pouch with a handle on it and, yeah, it'll fit in a ten-gallon bucket - I think the 30" one is good for up to like 80 lbs

Cons: only if it's windy, for obvious reasons - 50 foot line comes with it - it's light when you drop it off the pier - BUT easily remedied: you can buy a weight that goes inside it. I didn't. I got four 6-oz pyramid weights and attached them with small cable ties around the perimeter at even intervals. It worked like a charm. I don't leave the weights on there, because it affects how it folds up. I just keep weights and ties handy.

I got mine from Internet company that's combined with another company now - it's out of NC - fishclick.com I think is the one I ordered from.

If you have any questions for the guy who designed it, I can try to dig up his email address for you. I had some questions before I bought mine, and he was really helpful and easy to communicate with.

Man, that is a great net, no kidding.

I hope this helps.

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