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Pier and Surf Get Together

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Since everyone has the Matapeake blues, why not get together Saturday morning for a little catch-and-release striper fishing?

I'll be there... ;)
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I might just have to do that.
Sounds like a great idea, but I regret I will not be there. We will be fishing in VA thur-sat. Have fun and throw the poachers over the pier rail. :D
man... I wish I could be there but made plans already. Next time... :)
I like the "Poachers over the rail" bit! :)

You guys have fun in VA and clean up on those killer croakers at Sandbridge for us.
Sandcrab -- I like the "Poachers over the rail" bit!
Maybe you can give away a free combo set up to the person who throw's the biggest Poacher over the rail. Please take PIC"S

Have a great time .
Pic of the poachers floating out with the tide. That would be a good pic :D
How about you get a certificate and free P&S hat for pic of every poacher over the rail :D
you guys better watch it. I've been wanting some P&S gear but can't really afford it. I might just get myself killed trying to throw some 300 + poacher over the pier!
Husky you are quite thin, you might want to wait for backup from sandcrab or axon and I. The only thing i am worried is we start doing this and the coast guard has to come out b/c 3/4 of the people on the pier are in the water. :eek: Shoot axon better watch out I might throw him off the pier just so I can get me some free stuff. :p
thin? come on, I'm husky. :D
We don't have to throw them into the water, we have other options.

1. Cuff them to the pier until the DNR guys show up. I have 150 lb test wire I use for shark leaders that would make excellent handcuffs.

2. They can hold on to all the floating trash in the water that has spilled from the overflowing garbage pails on the pier.

3. I have a pier gaff that we could use to catch-and-release them if they fall into the water and can't swim.

We have options... ;)
Sandcrab, what types of trash cans do they have on the pier? I am willing to go out and buy another one if you think it would help in reducing the trash in the water.
Nice thought...They have two 55 gal type trash cans. The problem is that the city is a S-L-A-C-K-E-R when it comes to emptying them!
Hey guys don't throw themin the water..We are fighting a pollution problem now..

You're right! We can save them for the shark chum at AI during the Summer!

Looks like its going to rain on Saturday.

And this means...? ;)
Haa haa... :)

that's what I say about rain. Unless there is thunder, tornado, hurricane...
Where is the party going to be held on the pier Saturday? I want to join in on the toss the poach ceremony.
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