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Pick-up vs. SUV

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To the beach buggies folks what would you recommend for a first timer Pick-up or an SUV I leaning towards the SUV although I here the pick-up in the long run is the better choice. Any thoughts?
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If your choosing the suv route don't pick one that is based on a car platform. Just make sure whatever you choice is has enough ground clearance. And preferably a locking rear differential. Alot of the suv's today have them standard.
Well cocoflea, I have both, although my pick-up is not 4 wheel drive. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. My Tahoe gets you there in luxury, but with the carpet and leather seats, I'm afraid you are going to have to remove your wet dirty shoes and clothes before you get in. Now the pick-up with it's vinyl seats and rubber floor mats, anything goes pretty much. With the bedliner and shell it's a snap to wash out on the return home, where the Hoe gets vacuumed and pampered. Of course there is a tarp in the back to keep all the bad things off the carpet too.

So you see, if it's just fishing you have in mind and easy maintenance, in my opinion, the truck is the better way to go. :D

Also consider the % of time you'll be driving on the beach vs. the time on the road. I have a SUV (4Runner) and have not had any problems in the sand (knock on wood). I'll spend 2 hours driving to Hatteras in comfort and 15 minutes driving on the beach. I used to drive 6 hours in a Wrangler to get there and that was no fun.
Like Surf and Turf, I cover my back with a tarp so the sand and gunk doesn't get on the carpet. My leather seats are covered with those hawaiian print seat covers. :) Aloha.
I like the clearance on 4 Runner, Durango, and Cherekee but still open for any hands on suggestions for owners of other SUV's and Pick-ups

I too am looking at the same situation in the next couple of months. I want a vehicle that will be good on the beach but easy to clean. I have to tow a boat so am I leaning on the SUV vice the truck. Also, they make cooler/rod holder racks for SUVs so most of the funk (bait, fish, etc.) can be kept outside of the SUV. :)
I chose the best of both. I an F150 four door with a fiberglass cap. It was about 10K less then the expedition and both me and my passenges have a roomy comfortable ride. I have dogs and they go in the back, but them and my gear stays dry with the cap. I also made a rod and cooler rack for the front for easy access to the toys.
I have been using this setup for over 2 years and half a dozen trips and love it.

I had the same question 1 year ago for myself. I set up a comparison between a full size kingcab 4x4 pu vs an SUV. Sorta like a pros/cons list (usage, kids, travel, hauling, gas, new, used, etc). Basically for me it came down the most bang for my $$$$. Lotsa $$$$ for the truck, $$ for the SUV. Then start shopping on the web for your "final decision". Good luck!

I love my old Suburbon, I can put my one piece 12' rod inside and lock it up with all windows up. It has an inside rod rack in the ceiling that'l hold 10 or more rods and reels. Room for gear and a double bed foam matres, double sleeping bag on top of that for myself and wife.Life is good!
Dyhard,you go ahead,that sounds like the plan.Beach machine,I need one. :D
Thanks everyone for the input it has helped alot I think the SUV is the one for me.
Hey Dyhard....sounds like you have it made with that setup.....just hope your "mother in law" doesn't decide to move in. the R
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