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So I drive down Friday evening to Glocester VA dragging my Mako. I had a spectacular blowout on my rear passenger side trailer tire. Bits and pieces of tire flying all over the place. I had just pulled that wheel last week to check some suspect bearings and grease seal. Rebuilt with new bearings and seal and packed in grease. So when the tire went I thought it was the bearing again. Not so, so I changed the tire and went on my way. Left my jack on the side of the road..darn. Also hurt my left knee.
Next day I launch and meet my crew at a dock on the river..except no crew..went up and then down the river and found them about 1 mile south of the dock they google pinned. No cell service so I was a bit worried. But only 10 minutes late. Knee was the size of small watermelon and hurt bad.

Caught some rat reds and some small stripers. Landed a good dozen big white perch. One was 13 and 7/8 inches long. So my crew ate well Saturday night. No trout, but we also got some oyster toads and a bowfin. Traveled the entire length of the river.. OH and it was hot out there when the light wind died off. Tide went flat at golden hour so the bite just shut off.

Capt Mike
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