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Photo of George Gotsis and 40 inch rock

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Wow, George is growing up. Last time I saw him it seems he was smaller than the fish he's holding in the photo gallery. Looks like TurboAndy is on top of the fish. I haven't heard of too many 40 "ers coming out of the bay this year. Seem to be mostly 30+ "ers this year.
Congrats George!
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Nice fish but does the large striper have lesions on it?
any of you heard from turboandy? Met him once and had a great time and then he has vanished.
Awhile back, maybe a year ago, he was attempting to do something nice for the guys and this site with his newly aquired boat and apearently someone sent him an upsetting e-mail concerning his efforts, then poof --- he simply signed off. I don't know what was said but I considered his lose to this board then and now to be a great lose.
I agree with you on that. He was a nice guy as I have found to notice with most of the people I have met so far. It is a shame that things happen to mess that up for everyone.
Yes, there was an incident where he was told he couldn't bring friends fishing and charge them for gas. That would make it a chartered trip.
I don't know if that is why he isn't around though. I know Andy fairly well and I don't think he would let something like that keep him away. He does still post occasionally on the boaters board. I know he sold most or all of his surf gear (even rod building equip) when he got the boat.
So, he's prob just busy fishing and maintaining the boat.?
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