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Pensacola report (off shore)

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Well, I made it out yesterday around 6:15am, and we didn't get back til almost 6... was a long day, but well worth it.

We left NAS and went south west for about 15 miles... came up onto a storm, and decided we'd wait here til it passed, and continue to our spot. Dropped a few northerns in the water, and before we knew it, everyone was re-rigging...we found a nice school of kings. about an hour and a half later, we couldn't put anymore in the cooler... 8 nice kings (no giants)...

Left there for the wreck, another mile and a half since we drifted for the kings...

On the wreck (using pin fish and cigars), the first 8 fish up were red and black grouper, just inches from legal, so they all went back in, a couple of legal red snapper, but all in all, small fish here. I went up on the bow, and took a 20-30 minute nap. Then my name was yelled out.

1 hour and 15 minutes later (along with a few smacks of a billy club) we landed a 5 1/2' black tip. We put him in the king bag, iced him up, and headed in, stopping off at another spot.

We were no more than 9 miles from the inlet when we anchored, and we pulled in 2 nice snapper (around 12-13 lbs) as well as almost limiting out on keepers. Most of them that came out of the water were 17-19, with the exception of the 2 bigger ones. All caught on cigar minnows and cut northerns.

Rained like hell on the way in, but it was a refreshing end to a long day (and helped us with clean-up HAHA)

THE Fishing Squid

ps. sorry no pics
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Nice report Dan. Wish I were there to take advantage of the fishing. Been some time since I was stationed there.

keep em tight.....Kurt

Well, Rudee Inlet has some NICE flounder there, and I've had a lot of luck at Lynhaven Inlet with trout (wading)... I can tell you, the croaker and striper on the pier at Norfolk are awesome, as well as trout early in the morning (4-5) on sabaki rigs...

So, you don't have it TOO bad up there, but fishing down here is nice... I'll be sure to bring my camera next time I go out so you can see what you're not hookin up there.

THE Fishing Squid
Sounds like a great time! You got some good eatin ahead of you so the good times are not done. Great report!
Good report Fishing Squid

Who had the boat , was it a party boat , charter boat ?
If it was a bud of your's thats a great friend. But if it was one of the others what did it cost ya ? And who was it?

Don't eat all that at one time.:---> 8(---)

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the boat

Well Koz, it was actually a "new friend" I just met Sat morning. He was waiting on some people to show up... and I asked him... if they didn't show up if I could ride. He said I could go since only one came, with his wife.. so I rode out with them.
No question Rudee and Lynnhaven inlets have some excellent fishing. I've also done well at the NOB pier, lotsa' flatties and croaker.

I like the potential of warmer year-round fishing available in the pcola area.

Hitching a ride on the boat...man, ya gotta love it :) .

keep em tight.....Kurt
NOB in 2006


Well, if worse comes to worse, I'll meet ya somewhere in May/June of 2006 when I'm back on sea duty... and more than likely, back in VA.
That was mighty nice of your new friend Fishing Squid. Did you find out what time the next trip leaves. :D

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No doubt I'll be here Dan, probably still trying to get the smell of my rod ;) .

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