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Penn's Jarvis Walker

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Does anyone have any opinion's on Penn's Jarvis Walker rods and reels?

Looking at a deal on ebay but don't know the quality of it, even though the name Penn is attached to it.

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They are Penn's export line the reels are
the lower end of the Penn Line. I don't know
too much about the rods.
If you can get it in the low twenties buy one. Don't go smaller than the 500's. If you want a deal on a internet seller go to jamestackle.com he sells them cheap and he doesn't rip you off on shipping. He's also listed on ebay under babyndaddy. Harley rods on ebay is alright also. I've bought items from both of them and am happy. Especially with babyndaddy. He only charged 8 dollars shipping on a 11' sealine x rod I bought for 46 on ebay. I would buy a tica sh7000 or 8000 before I'd get a walker. They sell for around 30.00 I picked up one for in the upper 20's. Again, I have to mention to check shipping before bidding because alot of sellers use that to make up on an item selling for less. Check their history also. Good luck.
I picked up the Jarvis Walker Nexium 2000 and 6000 reels from eBay. The 2000 is a great L SW reel for smaller stripers. Smooth drag. The 6000 is a beast. It's a little heavy and good for bottom fishing. Throwing plugs with that reel will get you burning shoulders in no time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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