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Penn Senator 113HLW--------Sharks

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I'm planning to use the Senator (wide 4/0) for shark fishing on the beach and from a boat. I'm using a 8 or 10ft rod for both types of fishing. What test and kind of line would you use??I'm thinking about Big Game 30lb or 40lb mono, but then there is Power Pro braid, what do ya'll think?? What is your fav. shark bait?? I fish in Ga. and S.C. Thanks, Jim
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How big are the sharks you are planning to go after? I use fairly lightweight equipment for sharks up to 5 ft, haven't dealt with the bigger ones yet. Now when it comes to shark fishing, some piers in SC and GA strictly prohibit it, some look the other way, and some don't care. I have a 7ft.med-heavy Shakespeare Tidewater with a 30L reel that holds 330 yds of 20lb test which is heavy enough as long as you use a good leader.
If anyone wants another Tidewater reel, I have one that was purchased for me as a gift, but really doesn't serve me much purpose on the bay here in MD without a boat.
It's only been used maybe two or three times and never from a boat. I have it spooled with new line. Make me an offer.
Lots of guys catch sharks here at Assateague Island. They use normal surf casting equipment with 20 lb test - the standard. The only difference is that the leaders are normally on 150 lb test steel and they use large shark hooks (13/0).

I think the reel you mentioned would be a real pain to cast with. Use heavy coventional reels (Daiwa, ABU, Penn, etc.) on a 12' stick from the surf and you will catch your share. Forget the boat reels on the beach.
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