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Penn Battle 2 6000 Spooling problem

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Hey guys i bought a Penn Battle 2 6000 a while back and spooled it up last night. The line tapers from the top to the bottom just a tad bit. A little notch of empty space is at the bottom of the spool, the taper isn't terrible, but it is definitely noticeable.

After some looking online, it seems like i need to add a washer to raise the spool higher up on the spool shaft. The thing is, i do not understand where to put this said washer.

By looking at the reel. There is the Gear on the spool shaft, that makes that clicking sound when the drag is loose. Ontop of the gear is the Thrust Washer ( 1211629 60-5000BTL THRUST WASHER ). Then ontop of that washer goes a small bearing, and then there is a C locking clip. Inbetween that C locking clip and the Gear that is built into the main shaft, there is no space to add another washer.

Clearly the Spool is resting on this white Thrust Washer and not much else, and it seems impossible to fit another washer underneath that C clip. It doesn't seem right to put a washer above the bearing or around it, cause the hollow receptacle is too deep for the spool to actually even rest on the bearing.

Is my though process correct on this? I bought this used, so i have no idea how the supplementary washers look. In this Alan Tani thread on the Penn Conflict, the reel came with supplementary washers to change how the spool lays.

Here is the Batlle 2 6000 Schematics: http://www.scottsbt.com/catalog/store/images/pennparts/schematics/btl6000.pdf

Maybe the supplementary washer is a lot thinner? I can wiggle the bearing up a little bit, but idk if i could fit another Thrust washer. I can't think of another place to put a washer.

I also assume these thrust washers are made of teflon? Or plastic? I cannot find any teflon washers at Home depot.com . . :(
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Alright, thanks pods. I contacted Penn, hopefully they can sent me some for free. The cost is 55 cents.... but the sites i've checked run up $5+ for shipping. One from New Jersey is $10..... I don't understand why they can't put it in a letter envelope and put on a 25cent Stamp lol
The one i have on there now is about 1 mm thick as well. But i can't even fit my fingernail underneath the bearing. But when i get one, i will report back with the results.

I also found another problem. The rotor cup, that holds the bail assembly was wobbly. So i had to unscrew the whole thing, in order to take the main shaft out. And i was able to tighten down the nut, now the rotor cup is tight on the Housing of the reel. I hope that could be the difference i need as well. If there was a lot of resistance when reeling, the resistance would tilt the entire rotor cup up and it makes sense that the line on the spool would Taper.
Well i got a response from Penn, they said they will send me 2 of those washers!

I don't think it would work putting it ontop of the bearing. The Cylinder the bearing goes into is thinner, and deeper. I would need a lot of washers to fill up the empty space before i start raising the spool up. It's plausible, i can play around with that idea though.
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