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Fished PAX this weekend with my dad. Went out 5 am to Greenwell State Park, threw top water poppers, had three large misses, then it shut down. Went to Broomes Island marker and got into a large school of busting blue fish. Threw hopkins, and Zara Spook, we both caught and released many blues.

Sunday went out with Dad, and Sis took them to Greenwell early, threw zara spooks dad caught a small blue on his first topwater lure.

Packed up and headed to the mouth of the pax and fished the long navy pier and caught schoolie blues, headed back home, and got into yet another large blitz. This time sis cleaned up throwing large metal spoon, these blues were coming over the rail with small anchovies flying everywhere.

Not much bird action on these, so the presence of birds dont always indicate the fishing we found.

I think this fall should be an excellent run, the amount of bait in the pax is vast, greater than I have ever seen.

Tight lines.

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